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Parent Engagement Policy

SCHOOL Title 1 School Parent and Family Engagement Policy

This policy and compact was adopted by Castelar Street School on 12/7/23 and will be in effect for the entire school year. This policy can be amended each year when parents and community members are invited to the SSC, ELAC, Tea Time with the Team meetings. It has distributed to parents on 1/31/2024 and is made available to the local community by sending copies home with students, posting it on the school website, and having copies available in the main office. This policy is a companion document to the School Plan for Student Achievement. Lastly, there is a Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement Policy that is sent to parents each year and applies to all parents at Title 1 schools. It is amended periodically to meet the requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

School Site Council Reviewed and Approved on 12/7/23.
LAUSD Parent and Family Engagement Policy
The Los Angeles Unified School District approved a new LAUSD Title I Parent and
Family Engagement Policy in June of 2018, which was developed with the meaningful
consultation of Title I parents and family members from each Region. A hard copy of the entire policy may be requested from the main office. If you are interested in learning more about the annual review of this policy that takes place in each Region, please contact the Office of SFACE at (213) 481-3350 or email
[email protected].

Distributed to families on 1/31/2024