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Castelar Elementary School was originally named Castelar Street School. In 1965, Hill Street extended to the North from downtown Los Angeles and Castelar Street was changed to North Hill Street. At the same time, the word "street" was deleted from the school name and it became Castelar School.

Inside of 100 years, Castelar has undertaken a great transformation from its original site on the Southwest corner of College and Castelar Streets to the Southeast corner of College and Yale Streets. In 1882, Castelar Street School was a four room school with an enrollment of approximately 300-400 students. The staff consisted of 4 teachers, which included the principal, and served grades 1 through 8. The student population was approximately one-third of Spanish surnames and the remaining two-thirds of Anglo surnames.

Castelar is unique and has the distinct features of being the second oldest school in the district, and the largest number of Indochinese refugees of any school in the district.

After 100 years of educating students, Castelar continues to grow. Currently our school has grades kindergarten through 7th grade. We have the dual language program in Mandarin which had their first graduation class in June 2017.